Disability Rights in Housing
The Fair Housing Act is designed to ensure that everyone is treated equally in the process of obtaining and maintaining housing.  People with disabilities are afforded additional protections to ensure equal enjoyment of their home.  Housing providers are required to grant reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications to disabled tenants.

Reasonable Accommodation is a request to change rules or policies, such as:  Allowing a live-in aide; allowing a therapy or emotional support animal despite a "no pet policy"; or informing others (family, social workers) of new policies.

Reasonable Modification requests pertains to a physical request to the interior or common area of a housing unit, such as:  Installing grab bars, a ramp or removing carpet.

AbleRoad™ connects people with accessible places.  AbleRoad gives people with disabilities, families, friends, caregivers and business owners an online destination to rate and review community access. 

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Reasonable Accommodations
Reasonable Modifications
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Fair Housing Resource Center`s goals are to ensure that all individuals have the information that they need to ensure their housing rights. Below are printable brochures that provide an array of information that is not available on our website. If you would like copies of these brochures please contact us and we will be happy to send you more information.
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