The Fair Housing Resource Center’s Tenant Based Rental Assistance (“TBRA”) helps clients pay rental arrears if they are 
currently facing eviction and homelessness. This program does not provide down payment assistance.
These are only examples; you may need to provide different types of proof for your unique situation: 
  •  Loss of Income: back-to-back paystubs showing a decrease in pay, layoff notice, unemployment statement showing month-to-month decrease in benefit amount, bank statements showing a decrease of income, signed statement from employer on company letterhead describing decrease in income.
  •  Car Troubles: mechanic’s bill stamped “paid,” bank statement showing car repair payment, cancelled check showing car repair payment, paid towing bill, proof of deductible payment, signed statement by a repair facility proving payment, total loss assessment and receipt for new transportation.
  •  Illness: proof of payment of insurance deductible, receipt for unreimbursed medical expenses, proof of out-of-pocket payments for prescriptions like pharmacy receipts, letter from your employer on company letter confirming of loss-of-income during hospitalization or recovery from diagnosed illness, proof of disability.
  • Family Death: funeral home invoice, burial costs or cremation costs, death certificate.
  •  Loss of Benefit: social security reduction/elimination letter, OWF termination notice, unemployment benefits termination letter.
  • Other/Unexpected Bills: paystubs showing recent start of wage garnishment, bills for emergency services, letter from case manager (signed and on agency letterhead), letter from service provider (signed and on organization letterhead), letter showing elimination of child support benefits, signed letter from family stating that they recently stopped paying your living expenses.

Each individual`s application for assistance is reviewed on a case to case basis. FHRC understands that every individuals circumstance are different and try to accommodate everyone with their housing need.
Fair Housing Resource Center Inc.   1100 Mentor Avenue, Painesville, Ohio 44077    Phone: 440-392-0147                

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To qualify for rental assistance funds under the TBRA program you muse be able to provide the following:

    1.Documentation proving a “hardship” occurred.
    2.Proof of your income.
   3. Current eviction notice or “notice to leave” from the                property owner/manager 
   4. Copy of your lease

 Applicants must also fully complete the application and intake process.
Your hardship can be any event that created financial instability and ultimately caused you to stop paying your rent. Everyone’s hardship is different and the documents you must provide to prove this hardship occurred will vary with each client. Below are some examples of documents that could establish a hardship.  
Keep in mind, simply providing a bill will not be enough to show you suffered a hardship. You must also prove that you paid that bill. To do this, almost everyone will need to provide a copy of a bank statement showing the money coming out of their account.
​Please read the
 Rental Assistance FAQ  
for important information about applying for this program and getting rental help to prevent eviction.
Please be advised that FHRC received a limited amount of funding for this program. These funds will be used quickly and FHRC cannot guarantee that we will be able to assist every eligible candidate for the program.