Testers are minorities and whites with the same financial qualifications who document whether housing providers treat equally-qualified people differently.

As a tester, you will pose as a typical home seeker and go through the process of inquiring about rental opportunities while keeping track of your experience.

Once you qualify and complete your training as a tester, you will operate as an independent contractor for FHRC on a project-by-project basis. Pay is based on a sliding scale according to the assignment.

Today, housing discrimination has changed its outward appearance. Instead of a slammed door, unsuspecting home seekers may be shown through a revolving door, and may be politely turned away from the housing of their choice, even though they are qualified for that housing. Often, housing discrimination is cleverly disguised with a smile and a handshake instead of a slammed door. The result, however, is the same. One victim of discrimination put it very accurately when he said:

-Must be at least 18 years of age.
-Have good observational and writing skills
-Must have access and ability to use a computer and email.
-Access to reliable transportation
-Successfully complete a tester training course through our agency
-Accept a criminal background check.
-Independent contractor position.
Please help us in our fight
against discrimination.
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"What is sad about being rejected because of your race as a home seeker, is the awareness that no matter what you have achieved, what you have learned, what you have aspired to, you cannot achieve or acquire the one element necessary for true acceptance in society, because that element demands that you not be who you are. And so the whole quality of the rest of your life becomes diminished because you can’t be someone else and because someone else is the only thing that you can be that is acceptable. It’s a feeling of frustration and helplessness. It doesn’t make much difference whether you’re denied housing as a home seeker or as a tester. The insult is the same, the pain is the same, and the disappointment that you can’t be treated as a person is the same."

As a tester you will have the ability to assist Fair Housing  Resource Center Inc.,fight discrimination within your community!
Make a difference in our community by becoming a Tester.
Housing Investigator Requirements
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What is a tester?